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Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellation and refund policy

Refund of cancellation in your application, please read refund policy (Updated May 2014)

I. Cancellation Policy reserves the right to decline processing of your visa application for any reasons, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, or unusual circumstances. In such cases, a full refund will be given.

Cancellation may occur in some cases such as you have changed your mind during application or after your application has been done.

– Your cancellation may be made before you submitting the application, or

– You have submitted application but have not paid for the service fees.

In these cases you will not be charged anything.

If your application has been submitted and fees have been paid but for whatever reasons you want to cancel the application, you need to contact us immediately by email at

II. Refund Policy

Preventing mistakes and unnecessary waste, we strongly recommend you checking the given information in the confirmation letter which you will receive after your application has done. More importantly, when you received the Vietnam visa approval letter, please check it IMMIDIATELY for any incorrect information.

a. No refund will be made in these cases:

– Your visa approval letter containing incorrect details caused by your mistakes.

– The visa letter approved by Vietnam Immigration Department and has been sent to you via email.

– You are not travelling to Vietnam.

– You arrive to Vietnam international ports which defer to what we providing. This visa is applicable to air travel only, and there are some international airports which has set the Vietnam visa on arrival system.

b. You will get a FULL REFUND if:

– Your application has been declined by Immigration Department.

– Your cancellation has been made before you submitting the application, or

– You have submitted application but have not paid for the service fees, or

– Errors that come from our company.

c. You will receive a PARTLY REFUND if:

– Your given information has been wrong and it is still in our control situation.

– You are in the disease area which is banned to arrive to Vietnam.

– You are in the natural disaster area which is recognized by the world media therefore unable to travel.

All the fees will be refunded to you by the way you had paid us. The refund process may take about 15-20 working days.

For cancellation or refund request, please email to