How to get Vietnam visa in the Bahamas?

How to get Vietnam visa in the Bahamas?

How to get Vietnam visa in the Bahamas

Vietnam visa on arrival example

The Bahamas passport holders the same as most of countries in the America needs visa to Vietnam. But Vietnam has not had any embassy in The Bahamas yet therefore citizens of the Bahamas better applying Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department rather than Vietnam embassy in another country.

Vietnam visa on arrival (or also called Vietnam evisa) has been issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, a government institution since 2003. It is an online visa system therefore people can apply Vietnam visa on arrival through the internet.

People can apply Vietnam evisa online on this website. After fill in the online application form they will receive visa approval letter by email after 2 working days (if their visa has approved). This saves lots of time and finance for visa applicants. People do not need traveling around finding offices or consulates, they just stay at home and using their computer or smart phone to apply Vietnam visa on arrival.

When you have the approval letter, you authorize to fly to Vietnam with that letter, no visa pasted in the passport in advance as the way you have from the embassy. Your visa will be pasted in your passport when you have arrived to Vietnam international airport.


There are faster process options as 8 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours visas in the RUSH VISA button.

You should have your personal and passport information ready in hand to save the application time.

The visa approval letter allows you to travel to Vietnam without any visas. Your real visa will be pasted in your passport at a Vietnam international airport.

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