How to get Vietnam visa in Guadeloupe?

How to get Vietnam visa in Guadeloupe?

How to get Vietnam visa in Guadeloupe

Vietnam visa on arrival example

Due to Vietnam has not had embassy or consulate in Guadeloupe, people of Guadeloupe can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online with Vietnam Immigration Department or Vietnam embassy in a nearby country.

It means if people want to apply visa with the embassy, they have to travel to another country that have Vietnam embassy or consulate to apply for Vietnam visas. This way may be inconvenience for visa applicant because it takes lots of time and money traveling around. However, applying Vietnam visa on arrival, people can apply now, on this website.

How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival or also called Vietnam evisa has a simple, fast and convenience visa process. After filling in the online application form on this website, submitting and paying for the service fees, your applicant will be transferred to the Vietnam Immigration Department. They will look at your case and return the result within 2 working days. Please check the information in the confirmation letter to make sure all the information is correct.

Vietnam Immigration Department has been issuing Vietnam visa on arrival since 2003. It is the second government organization department that authorized to issue Vietnam Visa on arrival.

If your visa application has approved, you will receive a VISA APPROVAL LETTER by email which is normally about 2 days after your application has been done. The visa approval letter allows you to come to Vietnam without visas. It informs you about the arriving date, exit date, type of visa, airport to arrive and so on therefore please check your passport and personal information and inform us immediately if there is anything incorrect.

Please remember that you may be rejected to enter Vietnam at the Vietnam airport if your name has been missed spelling or wrong typing.


You should have the approval letter print off and keep it in your hand bag, not in the language, because you will need it with your passport at the airport customs.

People also can apply for 8 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours visas process in the RUSH VISA button.

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