How to get Vietnam visa in Jamaica?

How to get Vietnam visa in Jamaica?

How to get Vietnam visa in Jamaica

Vietnam visa on arrival example

Jamaica citizens the same as most of other countries in the world needs visa to Vietnam. Normally people search for embassy or consulate in their country to apply for visa. However, nowadays with the developing of the internet people have another way of applying visas. Instead finding visa offices people can stay at home and apply Vietnam visa online.

Vietnam Immigration Department has been issuing Vietnam visa on arrival since 2003. It is an online visa system that allows people apply visa through the internet.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival (or also called Vietnam evisa) people can finish the application form online, then they will wait for the visa approval from Immigration Department. If their visa has approved, they will receive a visa approval letter by email, do not need traveling around finding offices or consulates.

After your visa application has submitted, a confirmation letter will be sent to you; please check information in the letter carefully making sure everything is correct. The standard process will only take about 2 working days for visa approval letter results but there are faster process options as 8 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours visas in the RUSH VISA button if you want to try.

The visa approval letter allows you to travel to Vietnam without any visas. Your real visa will be pasted in your passport at a Vietnam international airport.


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