How to get Vietnam visa in Puerto Rico

How to get Vietnam visa in Puerto Rico?

How to get Vietnam visa in Puerto Ricoominican Republic

Vietnam visa on arrival example

Puerto Rico need visa to Vietnam. People can either get Vietnam visa from any embassy or applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival you can click on the APPLY VISA button and filling in the online visa application form. After submitted and paid for the fees, your visa applicant will be sent to the Immigration Office. You will receive a visa approval letter by email two days later (if your visa has approved). The visa approval letter allows people depart their country, arriving Vietnam without actual visa. Your physical visa will be pasted in your passport at a Vietnam international airport.


In order to finish the visa application fast, visa applicants should have personal and passport information already in hand, determines the arriving and exit dates (time you want to arrive and leave Vietnam) before they start their applying process. If you have these information ready, the online visa application process can be finished just about 5 minutes to complete.

We also offer 8 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours visa process in the RUSH VISA options.

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