Multiple Vs Single entry visa for Vietnam

Vietnam single entry visa

Vietnam single entry visa

Before you select the ENTRY and EXIT date, please read this carefully, it could save you $$$.

People sometimes got mistakes when choosing the ENTRY and EXIT date on the visa application form. The consequent of it is they had to pay for 3 months visa stamp fees instead of 1 month visa fees as they expected. It is ONLY ONE DAY DEFERRENT.

How we count for a month?

One month is not always counted for 30 days. It counts from the issue day to that day next month minus one day.

For example, from the 15th this month to the 14rd next month is counted for ONE MONTH. Therefore sometime it is 29 or 31 days depends on month calendar.

From the 15th this month to the 15th next month is UNDERSTOOD OF MORE THAN ONE MONTH, therefore it will be applied for 3 months visa fees.

How is it applied to you?

Immigration Officer will consider issue your visas base on the date you wish to enter and exit Vietnam which you had put on the application form. They will count for the dates between these days to charge you for the fees. If it is more than one month they will apply for 3 month fees on the schedule, if it is more than 3 months they will apply for 6 months visa fees.

For example, if you choose the date to entry on the 15th of May and exit date on the 15th of June you will be applied for 3 months visa stamp fees. However, if you leave on the 14th of June you will be charged for 1 month visa.

Single entry visa for Vietnam:

You can only entry Vietnam one time, as soon as you exit Vietnam your visa will be cancelled, no matter if your visa date is still validity. In that case, if you want to reenter Vietnam you have to apply for another visa.

If you need to enter and exit Vietnam several time during you visa validity, you need to apply for MULTIPLE ENTRIES VISA.

Multiple entries visa for Vietnam:

During you visa validity you can enter Vietnam, leave Vietnam to other country or countries then come back to Vietnam. This circle can repeat for several times until the visa is expired.