Pay service fee for Vietnam visa

Pay service fee for Vietnam visa

Pay service fee for Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa on arrival example

How to pay service fee for Vietnam visa? Can I pay online with credit cards ?

Yes, You can pay us by credit cards such as visa, master cards, or Zooz, Gate2shop, Western Union, Xoom or PayPal.

If your application has rejected by Immigration Department, you will have a FULL REFUND with your application fees.

If you have given the wrong information and you need to adjust it, you need to contact us IMMIDEATELY, depends on each situation we may be able to change it without any cost, some cases you may have to pay for a new application fees.


There are 2 fees which you have to pay.

1. You pay to us NOW for our service of helping you to gain the approval letter from Immigration Department. This fee will be REFUNDED TO YOU, if your application HAS REJECTED.

2. STAMP FEES (or VISA FEES) which you will pay at the Vietnam airport when you will arrive. You do not need to pay this fee when applying for the APPROVAL LETTER.

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