Tourist information center – Binh Dinh

Tourist information center

Two tourist information centers have set up on Xuan Dieu street, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province to provide help travelers to have information and on tour, transports, price and costs, hotels, landscapes, culture and history places. These information centers have started on 10th June 2014. The offices are just temporary at the moment but hopefully it can support a large number of travelers coming to the city this summer season.

The centers are linked to police to protect tourists and also collect information from tourists such as accidents, thefts. These information will be reported to Tourist Department to improve the tourist cervices quality. These centers will work directly face to face with tourists or through phone, email and facebook. These actions hope to create a trusted and friendly tour destination for tourist to come.

Binh Dinh is also famous as the land of martial arts and will host the fifth International Vietnamese Martial Arts Festival in August.

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