Vietnam embassy in Argentina

Vietnam embassy in Argentina

Vietnam embassy in Argentina

Vietnam visa on arrival example

As an Argentinian, do I need visa to visit Vietnam? Where is Vietnam embassy or consulate in Argentina?

As Argentinian, you need visa to enter Vietnam. However, you do not need to find Vietnam embassy or consulate for Vietnam visa, there is a new easy convenience and effective way to get Vietnam visa. This calls Vietnam visa-on-arrival that authorize you to fly to a Vietnam international airport and have your visa stamped here. You only need 5- 10 minutes to fill in the application form, submit it to the Vietnam Immigration Department through this website, you will receive an approval letter from them a few days later. With this letter, you free to fly to Vietnam.

Vietnam government expects that the Vietnam visa online system can shorten the process of getting visa compare to the traditional way. The system could make more convenience for applicants who far away from the embassy and especially with countries that we have not had embassy or consulate offices.

How simple and useful if people just stay home or in a café can apply for their visa it is. People do not have go under the traffic congestion to get to the embassy and they do not even need to come back picking up their approved visa.

You can apply for Vietnam visa online here

If you want to contact the Vietnam embassy in Argentina, here is the address.

11 de Septiembre 1442 (CP 1426), Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal (Argentina)

Tel. (54.11) 47831802, 47831425

Fax: (54.11) 47820078



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