Vietnam embassy in Denmark

Vietnam embassy in Denmark

Vietnam embassy in Denmark

Vietnam visa on arrival example

Denmark passport holders can travel to Vietnam for 15 days without visas. However, if you want to stay longer you can apply for Vietnam visa online on this website or you can also find Vietnam embassy in your country for the visa.

It would be better if you apply for a longer visa than you need in case you want to stay longer in Vietnam as there are many natural beautiful places.

You can apply for Vietnam visa from Vietnam embassy in Denmark of you can apply with Vietnam Immigration Department in Vietnam. To apply with Vietnam embassy you can contact the address below. To apply with Immigration Department, you can apply on this website.

Going to “APPLY VIETNAM VISA” and filling in the application form you will receive the result from Immigration Department within 48 hours. If your application has approved you can bring the letter with you to the airport, you will be given a visa there, right at the airport.

To apply with us, feel free to click here

Need to go to Vietnam embassy, please contact the address below.

Embassy of Vietnam in Copenhage, Denmark

GammelVartovVej 20, DK – 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: (45) 3918 3932

Fax: (45) 3918 4171


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