Where is Vietnam embassy in France?

Where is Vietnam embassy in France?

Where is Vietnam embassy in France

Vietnam visa on arrival example


The address of Vietnam embassy in France is given below. Nonetheless, if you need visa to Vietnam you can apply online with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website.

Vietnam Immigration Department is a Vietnam’s government organization that has been issued Vietnam visa since 2003. The visas that issues by Vietnam Immigration Department is called Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam evisa, Vietnam visa online.

The same as applying visa with embassy, people can apply for tourist and business visas. Tourist is for people who want coming to Vietnam for travel or visiting family, business visa is for working and doing business purposes.

Applying with Vietnam Immigration Department it is really fast and convenience. People can have the result back within 2 working hours (urgent visa) or 2 working days (standard service). Furthermore, they do not need finding any office to travel to, it save lots of time and petrol.

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Vietnam embassy in France

Ambassade du Vietnam en France

62 rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, France

Tel: 06 48 59 91 64, 01 44 14 64 00, 01 44 14 64 13

Email: consulaire_vietnam@yahoo.fr

For further information please email us at: info@e-visavietnam.com