What is Vietnam Embassy Visa?

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa

Vietnam Embassy Visa is a combination of Vietnam visa from embassy (the visa sticker which people get from Vietnam embassy or consulate) and Vietnam visa on arrival (or Vietnam visa that you can get it online).

Vietnam visa from embassy is a traditional way of getting Vietnam visas. This way, you will have to travel to a Vietnam embassy/consulate or travel agent offices to apply for visas (normally it is in your country but sometime you have to go to another country if we do not have them in yours). It may be inconvenience for applicants when travelling to these offices along the road. It would be much more inconvenience and frustrated if Vietnam has not had embassy/ consulates or travel agents in your country, or when you live far away from these offices.

Vietnam visa on arrival is a new way of issuing Vietnam visas. It is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department to avoid the limits of getting Vietnam visa from embassies. With Vietnam visa on arrival, visa applicants can use the internet to apply online and then having visa stamped at a Vietnam International airport where they will arrive. Visa applicants do not have to travel anywhere and they can do at anytime they wanted to, no matter if the applicants are in the office or in a café, no matter it is on the weekend or in the public holidays, applicants just can do it whenever they want and it could save them time and money.

In fact, after finishing the online application, Immigration officer will look at your case and give you a visa approval letter if it has been approved. With that letter you can fly to Vietnam without visa, YOU WILL HAVE A VISA STAMP AT THE VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS.

However, some applicants have not familiar with these new advantages yet. They might doubt about the visa on arrival system, whether or not they will be accepted at the Vietnam airport. They might doubt about wasting the money when applying online, about the genuine of the information on the website. Vietnam Embassy Visa is released for these reasons.

With Vietnam Embassy Visa you can use the advantage of the Vietnam visa on arrival system combines with the Vietnam visa from embassy. Applicant can apply to get the Vietnam visa approval letter with Immigration Department and then bring it to the embassy and having a visa sticker there.

The Vietnam Embassy Visa will benefit you of:

– Not travelling to embassy many times for dropping of and picking up your visas. It saves you time, petrol and money.

– Not waiting in the line in the embassy/ consulate offices. Saving your energy and

– This is probably a more secure way when you were unfamiliar with Vietnam visa on arrival yet.

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