Vietnam visa approval letter – What it looks like and what it is inside

The Vietnam visa approval letter is normally contains

  • Your APPLICATION REFERENCE NUMBERS which is on the top left of the letter. This is a recorded number for Immigration Officers to your case.
  • The date of issuing visa approval letter.
  • Type of visa: business or tourist, single entry or multiple entries
  • Entry date and exit date: You are allowed in Vietnam in these date ranges.

Entry date is the date you will be allowed to entry the country

You can arrive at any time between these dates but NOT BEFORE THE ENTRY DATE. For example,


In fact, you must leave Vietnam before or on the EXIT DATE.  If you leave Vietnam after that date, you will get a fine (punishment ticket which you have pay for another money) from the customs, this can cause a further affect if you want applying for another visa online later. So please be careful and leave on time.

In the visa approval letter, you also see a massage of “you are permitted to pick up visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam”

Vietnam visa approval letter

An example of Vietnam visa approval letter


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