Vietnam Visa on Arrival compare to Vietnam embassy visas?

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival (also called Vietnam visa online, Vietnam visa upon arrival, Vietnam Landing visa or Vietnam visa at the airport) is a Vietnam visa which is issued at a Vietnam international airport by Immigration Officers. More on legitimacy of Vietnam visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival is the visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department on arrival at international airport of Vietnam. It is definitely difference from visa issued by consular section at embassy of Vietnam.

In order to get visa on arrival at airport of Vietnam, before visitor depart your country, you should contact with visa agent in Vietnam to get a visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department which informed them that they were allowed to entry Vietnam and the visa will be issued at a Vietnam International airport on the date they arrive.  Please see more APPROVAL LETTER

How Vietnam Visa on Arrival looks like?

Visa issued on arrival at the airport of Vietnam

Visa issued on arrival at the airport of Vietnam

It looks the same other visas which you normally see on the passport when you receive from Vietnam embassy. They both are the same design, just different the name if the organization and the place where the visa is issued.

How it differ to Vietnam visa from embassy?

Below is an example of a Vietnam embassy visa which is issued from one of the Vietnam embassy.

Visa issued at embassy of Vietnam

Visa issued at embassy of Vietnam

Vietnam embassy visa and Vietnam visa on arrival have the same look and content designations but they are legally issued by the two different government organizations, Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam embassy visas are issued by Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs which people can apply and receive from Vietnam embassies or consulates in their country.

Vietnam visa on arrival visas are issued by Vietnam Immigration Department online. It is a new way of issuing Vietnam visa by informing to the visa applicants if they have approved to the country. This information letter called: the visa approval letter. With this letter visa applicants can fly to Vietnam and have their visa at the airport. Please read more on visa on arrival offices

The 2 visas have the same designation; the only difference is the information on the issue part, rather it is issued by Immigration officer or Embassy officer.

NOTES: Vietnam embassy visa accepts all the travelling ways that including sea, river, rail, road and air travel whereas Vietnam visa on arrival only accepts travelling by air.

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