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Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong

Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong

Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong

Vietnam visa on arrival example

Hong Kong citizens the same as most of other citizens in the world are required visa to Vietnam. Hong Kong passport holders either apply Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam evisa) with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website OR going to Vietnam embassies in Hong Kong for Vietnam visas.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam evisa) Hong Kong passport holders need to meet these requirements:

  • Passport which at least 1 month left;
  • An empty page in the passport for new visa to be pasted in (This will be done when you arriving a Vietnam international airport);
  • 2 passport photos size (these photos need to be handed together with the passport to the customs at the Vietnam international airport);
  • USA cash (to pay for the Vietnam visa fees at the airport)


Vietnam evisa are also available for applying by smart phone.

People can apply for faster process in the RUSH VISA button.

AMERICAN CASH are IMPORTANT because the customs at Vietnam airports will not take other currencies except the USA notes. People cannot do exchange before passing through the customs’ gate. It means if you do not have these cash already in hand, you might not allow to enter Vietnam.

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